Hello CAREWare MA providers,

We’ve identified your agency as receiving federal funding from the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program in 2017. These funds are part of your contract with the Office of HIV/AIDS. All providers receiving this funding must submit the 2017 RSR (Ryan White Services Report).

Your organization must meet these two deadlines: :

  • Complete the Provider Report in HRSA’s Electronic Handbook (EHB) (opens on February 5th, complete by February 19th)
  • Generate a client-level data file from CAREWare and upload it to the EHB for MDPH review (by February 19th)

To prepare for the above requirements, please get started now on cleaning your data!

  • Run the “missing eligibility” report to ensure that all of your clients are designated as Ryan White eligible.
  • Run the RSR validation report and resolve any errors.

Detailed instructions to run these and other reports are available for download at: http://carewarema.jsi.com/materials/instructions-and-tip-sheets/

We will be in touch with more details in January and February.

As always, please direct any questions or feedback to our helpdesk at CAREWareMAhelpdesk@jsi.com.

Your CAREWare MA helpdesk team,

Molly, Chris, Ashley and Mira

December 11, 2017: preparing for the 2017 RSR (Ryan White Services Report)

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