Hello CAREWARE MA providers,

This email includes information about (1) the deadline for 2016 data entry, (2) important reports to ensure data quality, (3) an update on password reminder emails and (4) a link to the recording and slides from our 1/27 webinar on subservices and units.

    1. Have you finished entering your November and December 2016 data into CAREWare? If not, please get your data entered right away, and (if you haven’t already been in touch) contact the HelpDesk (CAREWareMAhelpdesk@jsi.com) to let us know. We want to make sure your data are complete before starting to compile data for the 2016 RSR and generate 2016 reports for DPH!
    2. As soon as your program is done with data entry, be sure to run the following reports:
      • The “Missing Eligibility” report will help you make sure the right clients are designated as eligible for Ryan White services (otherwise they won’t be included in the RSR)!
      • The “Missing Annual Review” report will tell you if any of your clients are missing insurance, poverty level or housing data.
      • The “RSR Validation” report provides a a list of all of the errors, warnings, and alerts that are built into HRSA’s Electronic Handbook (EHB) so you can make any corrections before submitting the RSR. This is a good report to review data quality, even if your agency is not Ryan White-funded.
    3. Each user will receive notices a few weeks before their remote server password is about to expire. Please make sure to add noreply@mdphcareware.net to your list of approved senders so that you are never surprised by an expired password.

      • Note: If you think your password may be about to expire and have not seen a notice yet, check your spam folder.
    4. The slides and webinar recording from the January 27 webinar on subservices and units are now available on our website! You can listen to the webinar and download the slides by clicking on the “webinars” tab at http://carewarema.jsi.com/.

As always, please direct any questions or feedback to our helpdesk at CAREWareMAhelpdesk@jsi.com.

Your CAREWare MA helpdesk team,

Mira, Molly and Chris

February 9, 2017: Data entry deadline, password reminder emails and 1/27 webinar recording

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