Dear CAREWare MA providers,

We are happy to announce that CAREWare 6 is now online!

Your credentials for both Remote Desktop and CAREWare remain unchanged. To access CAREWare, use the same steps:

  • Log into Remote Desktop first. CAREWare will open in a browser window.
  • Log into CAREWare.

The first time you log in, follow these steps:

  • Check a few client records 
    • Make sure your program’s data are there and you can navigate the fields as you did during CAREWare 6 training.
  • Check your custom reports
    • Check that your custom reports appear and run properly.
  • If you notice anything missing or unusual (i.e. missing data, missing fields, etc), please contact us immediately. 

Important new features and bugs:

  • New “Client Report” and “Search Change Details Report”
    • The “Client Report” returns an overview of client information, including demographics and annual review.
    • The “Search Change Details” report provides an audit trail of changes to a client’s information. Information includes the date, user that accessed the client, and the type of change made.
  • The “No Services in X Days” report and Provider Data Export are currently unavailable.
    • The developers of CAREWare are aware of these bugs, and will be fixed in a future update.
  • The “active” checkbox in the search is not functioning.
    • The search will still work, but all clients will appear.

A few reminders about materials and resources:

  • All of our materials have been updated to reflect changes in CAREWare 6. Click here to access those materials.
  • The CAREWare 6 Supervisor Webinar recording has been posted to the website. Click here to watch the webinar, and here to access the Q&A document.

We appreciate your patience during the upgrade process. As always, please direct any questions or feedback to our HelpDesk at

Your CAREWare MA HelpDesk team,
Molly, Chris, Wayne, Mikey and Mira

February 4, 2020: CAREWare 6 is online!

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