Hello CAREWare MA providers,

This email includes: (1) instructions for documenting telehealth and other virtual visits for March data, (2) a reminder about the new March data entry deadline (3) password details to join our new virtual office hours, and (4) a reminder to read our new resource “Data security tips for CAREWare MA users to support remote work.”

  1. Documenting telehealth and other remote/virtual visits in CAREWare MA. Beginning on March 1, 2020, please use CAREWare MA to document telehealth and other remote sessions as follows:
    • For Medical Case Management, ARCH, Oral health care, and PACT:
      • The CAREWare subservice formerly known as “Face-to-face session” has been re-named to “In-person session.”
      • A new subservice: “Telehealth session” has been added because these are considered Core Medical Services in the Ryan White Services Report. Please make sure that all Telehealth visits (retroactive to March 1, 2020) are recorded accurately. If you have already entered this information, you will need to manually change it from “In-person” to “Telehealth session.”
      • Telehealth is now defined as “time spent in a Telehealth session in place of what would ordinarily be conducted as an in-person, face-to-face session but due to COVID-19 is being conducted remotely (e.g., by telephone, Zoom, FaceTime, Doxy.me) between a [staff person appropriate to service category] and client (e.g., 1 unit = 15 minutes, 3 units = 45 minutes).”
      • This applies to the services you provide that you ordinarily enter into CAREWare MA, and are supported under your contract with BIDLS. Example sessions might include acuity assessments and reassessments, initial ISP completion, ISP updates, and eligibility re-certifications.
    • For Psychosocial services, Housing, Legal services, and Corrections Linkage-to-care (CLTC): separate CAREWare subservices have been set up for in-person vs. phone/video/text/email.
      • Psychosocial services should be entered either as “individual peer support (in-person)” or as “individual peer support (not in-person).”
      • Housing, Legal services, and CLTC services now include video.
        • Housing data should be entered as “HS&A in-person session” or as “HS&A phone or video session.”
        • Legal and CLTC services should be recorded as either in-person or phone/email/video/text.
    • Programs should continue to document appointment scheduling and reminders and other routine quick check-ins that are conducted by phone as Client communication (not in-person).
    • The Subservice Definitions document on the CAREWare website has been to reflect these changes.
  2. Reminder: The data entry deadline for March data will be Friday, May 15. 
  3. Virtual office hours
    • CAREWare MA helpdesk virtual office hours began this week! Users can attend and ask questions on Tuesdays 2:00pm-3:00pm and Thursdays 11:00am-12:00pm. Registration in advance is not required, but a password has been added. Zoom details for these office hours are below:
    • Please come to office hours with any questions you may have about entering data into CAREWare.
  4. Remember to use our new resource: Data security tips for CAREWare MA users to support remote work.
    • The document provides tips and best practices for program staff that are working remotely. The document is organized into six sections: (1) Remote access to CAREWare MA, (2) Limiting external threats; (3) Physical security; (4) Protecting electronic data; (5) Transferring or transmitting data; and (6) Destroying data.
    • Go to our website to access this resource.

As always, please direct any questions or feedback to our helpdesk at CAREWareMAhelpdesk@jsi.com.

Your CAREWare MA helpdesk team,
Molly, Chris, Wayne, Mikey and Mira

April 16, 2020: Documenting telehealth and virtual visits

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