Hello CAREWare MA providers,

Attention CAREWare users: please complete this 2 minute form by Friday, April 10. This survey will help us better understand your current capacity to enter data, and provide you with assistance. Thank you!

Today’s email includes (1) information about the current options for keeping track of CAREWare data remotely, (2) a link to our new resource “Data security tips for CAREWare MA users to support remote work”, and (3) information about how to get live assistance during our new virtual office hours.

  1. Remote options for keeping track of CAREWare data:
    • Option 1 (best option): Access CAREWare through your agency’s virtual private network (VPN). 
      • If your agency supports a VPN connection, you will be able to connect to CAREWare MA. Without VPN, you will not be able to access CAREWare MA from your home location.
      • If your agency has VPN available, and you are still unable to connect to CAREWare, we will help troubleshoot with our IT vendor. Please tell us about your specific challenges when you complete the form and we will get in touch with you, or contact the helpdesk at carewaremahelpdesk@jsi.com.
    • Option 2: use paper forms to keep track of the services you are providing while working from home. 
      • If you are unable to use VPN, use paper data entry forms to record CAREWare data. Go to Materials > Data Entry forms on our website.
      • Note that all data recorded on paper forms must be entered into CAREWare when you have access.
      • Upon request, we are able to print and mail paper copies of these paper forms. Please complete the form and we will get in touch with you, or contact the helpdesk at carewaremahelpdesk@jsi.com.
      • Some people may decide to store data in a spreadsheet. Before doing so, please review the data security tip sheet.
  2. Please review this summary of data security tips to keep in mind while working from home. 
    • The document provides tips and best practices for program staff that are working remotely. The document is organized into six sections: (1) Remote access to CAREWare MA, (2) Limiting external threats; (3) Physical security; (4) Protecting electronic data; (5) Transferring or transmitting data; and (6) Destroying data.
    • Go to our website to access this resource.
  3. Virtual office hours
    • We will be holding virtual office hours where users can attend and ask questions on Tuesdays 2:00pm-3:00pm and Thursdays 11:00am-12:00pm. Registration in advance is not required. Zoom details for these office hours are below:
    • Please come to office hours with any questions you may have about entering data into CAREWare.

As always, please direct any questions or feedback to our helpdesk at CAREWareMAhelpdesk@jsi.com.

Your CAREWare MA helpdesk team,
Molly, Chris, Wayne, Mikey and Mira

April 1, 2020: response requested: entering data into CAREWare MA while working remotely

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